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We lean toward Reformed Theology and Calvinistic beliefs such as God is totally Sovereign, that He as the Psalms says, "God is in the Heavens and He does what He pleases." He does not have to what any human wants, yet in His mercy and grace he allows the sun to be on the just and unjust. God is a Triune God, One God, yet 3 distinct persons (The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit).

Also we believe that we are to evangelize (preach the gospel) as in obedience to Christ's declaration in Matthew 28. We use techniques we believe are biblical, by using the law to show the knowledge of sin. Law to the proud and grace to the humble. We agree with tactics such as the ministry of "Way of The Master," and "Living Waters."

We agree with "The Nicene Creed" and "The Apostles' Creed."

We believe one becomes a Christian, by turning from their sins (repentance) and having faith in Jesus Christ as the once and for all sacrifice for sins (past, present and future), through his atonement (payment for sins, shedding his blood and dying on the cross) nearly 2,000 years ago as fully God and fully man, then arose (resurrected) on the 3rd day afterward and was seen in the flesh on earth by his disciples (followers) on Earth, then went back to Heaven into the clouds and will one day return in like manner to judge the world in righteousness.

When some one repents and trusts in Christ alone for salvation, they are made a new creation, (a spiritual rebirth) with new desires to want to no longer sin (not that they are perfect and don't sin, but they have new attitude toward it. They no longer want to rebel against God,but to honor Him and follow his commandments as mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible. Also they have a desire to seek and save the lost (preach the gospel to those who are still in their sins without a savior) so that those souls may be saved, also. They are no longer doomed to go to Hell (called "The Lake of Fire," in the Bible), because Jesus promises never to leave them or forsake them.

If some one does not repent and tru
st in Jesus' payment for sins, if they die
they will pay for their sins in a place of eternal punishment, a just punishment for their sins against a Holy God who is himself without sin (called Hell). But if they do repent and trust, God is merciful and gracious, to them on behalf of His own payment for their sins as the 2nd person of the triune God, Jesus Christ. For another site to help you understand this in more detail you can see www.needgod.com and also a good website to provide specific answers about Christianity is at: www.carm.org.